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Top 5 Reasons People Refuse Addiction Treatment

Addiction recovery appears to be beyond the grasp of many individuals suffering from drug dependency. In 2016, the Associated Press reported that nearly 50,000 Americans, the highest number to date, perished from drug overdoses during the previous year alone.

With heroin and opioid addictions on the rise, many people suffering from drug addiction refuse treatment for a variety of surprising, yet common reasons. The specialists at Brightside Clinic make it their mission to offer caring and comprehensive addiction treatment to anyone battling the disease of drug dependence.

Top 5 Reasons People Refuse Addiction Treatment

1. Not Ready to Quit

Many individuals dealing with heroin or opioid addiction simply are not ready to quit. It could potentially be years before they are ready to stop using the substances they are addicted to. No amount of pressure or intervention attempts will spur them into treatment. They have to be ready, willing, and able to seek treatment on their own terms.

2. Shame & Weakness

Some people struggling with addiction feel shame because they see their addiction as a personal weakness. Often, pride prevents people from seeking the help they need. Sometimes, people also feel bad about admitting they are struggling with drug addiction for fear of appearing weak to their families and loved ones.

3. Fear of Job Loss

Loss of income is a major reason why people will suffer from drug addiction over seeking addiction recovery. Many times, these individuals cannot see they are damaging their work reputation by denying treatment. It is difficult for them to realize their career will both grow and thrive only after proper treatment is sought.

4. No Insurance

Some individuals simply don’t have the insurance or the funds available to afford proper addiction treatment at a comprehensive drug rehabilitative facility such as Brightside Clinic. Many times, people struggling with drug addiction don’t realize alternative payment methods or financial options may be available to them.

5. Suicidal Tendencies

Many individuals suffering from drug addiction find themselves in a terribly dark, dangerous, and threatening place they can’t escape on their own. They should never be left alone and should have someone close to them who is available to reach out regularly, offering help and guidance if and when necessary.

The doctors and staff at Brightside Clinic want to aid in the process of addiction recovery. If you or someone you love is in need of drug addiction treatment near Elgin, St. Charles or Des Plaines, Illinois, speak with a member of the Brightside Clinic team about your options.