Opiate Dependence Program

Opiate Dependence Program

Opiate Dependence Treatment


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Being dependent on pain medication is a very frustrating and difficult reality. Initially, people can become dependent on pain medication through doctor’s prescriptions for an accident or chronic ailments, or through recreational activities. Over time, as the body becomes dependent on the opiate, people use pain medication as a way to stop symptoms of withdrawal and less for pain reduction. To stop using can be almost impossible because the brain now craves the drug. At BRIGHTSIDE, we understand that overcoming a dependence on pain medication is very difficult. Our outpatient programs are designed to provide drug dependence treatment in the most discrete, convenient, and friendly environment.


Our programs combine the latest in medically-assisted technology and therapy / counseling options. Our medically-assisted treatment, based on buprenorphine (also known as Suboxone®, Zubsolv®, Bunavail®, Sublocade® or Subutex®) gets you off the pain medication so you can start concentrating on changing your life for the better.


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MAT harnessing the effective compound buprenorphine is delivered using a range of medications such as Suboxone®, Subutex®, Bunavail®, Zubsolv® and Sublocade®, work to reduce and stop the withdrawal effects and cravings of opiate dependence. By using these medications, you can safely and effortlessly stop using your drug of dependence. At BRIGHTSIDE, we use the following treatment protocol:


Induction is designed to assist you in transitioning from the current pain medication and comfortably induce (start) you on your opiate dependence buprenorphine medication such as Suboxone®. On your initial visit, you will meet with our medical treatment team to have a personalized treatment plan created for you. You are then induced onto the prescribed buprenorphine or naloxone-based medication. We work with your insurance carrier to assist in cost reduction of the medication prescribed to you.


Stabilization occurs over the first week of treatment, where we monitor your pain levels and adjust your medication dose each day for optimal results. You will see your doctor frequently throughout the week to monitor the transition ensuring that alternative pain remedies/treatments are not needed. Once you are comfortable and table, your ongoing treatment schedule is finalized so that you can continue.


You should expect your MAT to last for at least six months but often it can be a lifetime commitment depending on how severe your dependence is and what your goals are. At BRIGHTSIDE, our monthly monitoring schedule allows us to manage your condition with the right medication. We highly recommend that during the maintenance phase, you use our counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) programs such as our BRIGHTSIDE Recovery Program or partner programs that offer intensive outpatient programs (IOP), group therapy, or residential/inpatient care.


You may reach a point where you feel comfortable in reducing your medication dosage. We work with patients at this stage in combination with counselors, therapists and partners to create a tapering schedule that will allow you to reduce your dosage in a comfortable and successful way to complete your treatment. Our policy is to slowly taper your dosage in a careful way for a more successful and stable result.



Medication alone may not completely help you manage your drug dependence as you may have triggers, routines, and/or mental health illnesses, such as anxiety or depression, that can pull you back to a life of substance abuse. When a MAT program is combined with counseling and/or psychiatry, you have a higher chance of success in overcoming dependence and living a full life.

BRIGHTSIDE offers structured counseling and psychiatry that complements our MAT program, helping to ensure that you not only stop your drug dependence, but achieve a more fulfilling life. You can schedule a counseling and/or psychiatric session in conjunction with your MAT visit or at a different time.


At BRIGHTSIDE, we understand that outpatient care is not the most effective way to manage opiate dependence for every person. If you feel like you would benefit from a more intensive treatment program, our partnership program provides you with access to intensive treatment in recovery centers or major hospitals as well as counselors and individual therapy across Chicago. We will work with you to determine the most conducive therapy program that suits your goals, be them financial or recovery in nature.


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