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North Aurora, IL Drug Rehabilitation Center - SUBOXONE TREATMENT

Being affected by drug addiction is a devastating situation for not only the patient involved, but their friends and loved ones. If you or a loved one is affected by heroin addiction or addiction to pain medications, BRIGHTSIDE Clinic offers comprehensive treatment programs designed to save lives including Methadone conversion. Methadone used to be the “gold standard” for assisting patients in overcoming their opiate addiction with opiate treatment. While it is effective in curbing the withdrawal and craving symptoms of opiate discontinuation, Methadone has some serious side effects that can hinder someone from getting on with their life when it comes to opiate treatment. We promote healing and rehabilitation using effective medications such as naloxone, commonly used in overdose patients. If you are concerned about the overdose potential of a loved one, then we invite you to learn about our Suboxone doctors, suboxone treatment and access to life-saving medication when you need it the most.

We have Suboxone doctors in Washington, IL, Rockford, Bloomingdale, Northbrook, Tinley Park, Ottawa and North Aurora in Illinois.

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At BRIGHTSIDE Clinic Drug Rehabilitation Centers North Aurora IL, we promote ongoing health and wellness with our highly effective treatment programs. Our programs are delivered with love, compassion and respect for you or your loved one’s situation. Our programs include:

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All of our treatment programs are completely personalized to ensure that you get the individual support that you need to overcome your addiction. Our state of the art suboxone clinic is warm and comfortable and allows you to receive fast access to the medications that you need to enjoy a successful recovery. We invite you to visit our North Aurora, IL suboxone clinic FOR suboxone treatment or call us at (630) 405-5899 if you have any questions about the treatments and programs that we offer.

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