What Is SMART Recovery® & How Can It Help With Addiction Treatment?

SMART Recovery® is an approach to addiction treatment that allows individuals to explore their condition, learn from others, and develop rational solutions to embrace sobriety. Short for Self-Management and Recovery Training, this non-profit program has successfully helped people across the globe for more than 20 years. If you’re considering your options for overcoming drug dependence, the following questions and answers can help you become more familiar with SMART Recovery®.

5 FAQs About SMART Recovery®

Who Should Consider SMART Recovery ®?

The best option for addiction treatment will ultimately depend on the nature of a person’s dependency and their overall personality. The program is ideal for any person looking for reliable support with opiate or heroin addiction, as well as other forms of addictive behavior. It is especially attractive to those who are interested in strengthening self-reliance and moving away from powerlessness.

What Is the SMART Recovery ® Approach?

The program focuses on four points to help support sobriety, including:

  • Developing and sustaining motivation
  • Identifying urges and healthy ways to cope with them
  • Managing negative thoughts, emotions, and actions
  • Living a balanced life

What Are Meetings Like?

Group meetings are generally small and held at various locations across the country as well as internationally. Meetings are conducted by trained SMART Recovery facilitators. They are easy to attend and fairly informal. Instead of having people talk at you, you can expect them to give you an opportunity to share thoughts and learn from others. Beyond in-person discussions, people can also engage with others in recovery through online forums.

Is SMART Recovery® Similar to AA?

While AA and SMART Recovery® both use the group meeting format, they are fairly different in their approach.  Mainly, SMART Recovery® is founded on a scientific basis, whereas AA adopts a more spiritual perspective. In addition, SMART Recovery has no formal steps to recovery nor does it use sponsors.

How Much Does SMART Recovery® Cost?

There is no cost to attend SMART Recovery® meetings, but donations are always welcome.

People living in the Northbrook and Tinley Park, IL, area can attend convenient SMART Recovery® meetings at Brightside Clinic. Appreciating the goals of this program, this supportive addiction treatment facility takes pride in offering weekly meetings to anyone who needs it, whether they are Brightside Clinic patients or not. For upcoming meeting times and locations, visit this clinic online or go to for a full list of meetings.

If you or someone you love is in need of drug addiction treatment near Elgin, St. Charles or Des Plaines, Illinois, speak with a member of the Brightside Clinic team about your options.