Brixadi Treatments in Chicago, Illinois

Brixadi Treatments in Chicago, Illinois

Newly FDA-approved, Brixadi is one of the most customizable opioid addiction treatments on the market, providing immediate relief for withdrawal and supporting your recovery.

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What is Brixadi Extended Release Injection Treatment?

Like Sublocade, Brixadi is a buprenorphine extended-release injection for subcutaneous administration. It’s designed to treat individuals suffering from moderate to severe Opioid Use Disorder.

Brixadi was approved by the FDA in 2023 as an alternative treatment to other single-dose buprenorphine treatments. Like Suboxone and Sublocade, Brixadi reduces withdrawal symptoms, the likelihood of relapse, and the cravings associated with OUD.

Buprenorphine interacts with the same neuroreceptors in the brain that opioids bind with. It does a better job of binding with neuroreceptors than opioids do, so it blocks the pathways and prevents the abused opioids from targeting them. Additionally, buprenorphine does not provide euphoria the same way opioids do, so there’s no risk of trading one addiction for another.

What are the Benefits of Brixadi?

One of the main differences between Brixadi and other buprenorphine treatments is its wide range of available single-dose options. This allows patients a customized treatment experience suited to their needs and lifestyles. Like other injectable buprenorphine treatments, injections can last either a week or month versus hours with oral medication.

Weekly or Monthly Doses

Brixadi comes in weekly and monthly doses. Depending on your needs, your doctor may place you on weekly doses if you feel cravings are returning near the end of a monthly dose. The variability in dosing also means your Brixadi treatments can be adjusted to suit your tapering needs as your treatment progresses.

Different Strengths

If you struggle with higher doses of injectable buprenorphine treatments, Brixadi may provide relief.Brixadi offers doses in various strengths to allow patients of all tolerance levels to receive the treatments they need.

Weekly dose strengths

  • 8mg (0.16mL)
  • 16mg (0.32mL)
  • 24mg (0.48mL)
  • 32mg (0.64mL)

Monthly dose strengths

  • 64mg (0.18mL)
  • 96mg (0.27mL)
  • 128mg (0.36mL)

Uninterrupted Treatment

Brixadi is a buprenorphine injection treatment and works the same way as other buprenorphine injection treatments. This means that individuals who have already initiated treatment with other injectable or oral buprenorphine medication can easily switch to Brixadi with little difficulty. Talk to your doctor to determine if Brixadi is a better treatment option for your needs.

Various Injection Sites

If you are currently on other injectable buprenorphine treatments, you may be struggling with soreness of the injection site after repeated doses. Brixadi solves this issue by maintaining effectiveness from multiple recommended injection sites. It can be administered in the buttock, thigh, abdomen, or upper arm (after the first four doses). This means patients can vary their injection sites each time to reduce extreme soreness from using the same spot every time.

Pay for Brixadi Treatment with Insurance

The cost of treatment usually depends on which type of insurance a patient has. However, Brixadi offers a copay program for patients that have insurance that covers part of the cost of the injection. Thus, most patients with insurance will pay nothing for the medication.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Brixadi

No. Brixadi interacts with the brain differently than opioids. While it is stronger at binding with and blocking the neuropathways in the brain that respond to opioids, it’s considered an agonist and does not produce euphoria. This means the brain doesn’t form the same addictive patterns during treatment with Brixadi that it does while using opioids.

Brixadi shares many of the same side effects associated with all buprenorphine injectable treatments. These are:

  • Swelling, itching, redness, or pain near the injection site
  • Headaches
  • Nausea, vomiting, and constipation
  • Trouble sleeping

However, due to the increased available options in dosage strength, your doctor can adjust your dosage if side effects from Brixadi start impacting daily activities.

The cost of treatment usually depends on which type of insurance a patient has. However, Brixadi offers a copay program for patients that have insurance that covers part of the cost of the injection. Thus, most patients with insurance will pay nothing for the medication.

Brixadi is a single-dose subcutaneous injected buprenorphine treatment and impacts the brain in the same way as other buprenorphine treatments, both oral and injectable.

The key differences are dosages and injection sites.

While most oral buprenorphine treatments are available in daily or hourly doses, Brixadi is available in weekly and monthly doses as a long-acting injectable. Additionally, it’s available in varying strengths which may be preferable for patients who have difficulty tolerating higher doses associated with other injectable treatments.

Finally, Brixadi remains effective when injected in the stomach, buttock, thigh, or upper arm, allowing for varied injection sites.