PACT Promise

The PACT Promise is our commitment to our patients that we will provide the best treatment and service to promote positive and long lasting recovery. Learn more about how Brightside goes the extra mile for you by exploring the areas below.



  • 87% of patients maintain treatment with us
  • Evidence-based Treatment Programs
  • 98% report being stable or progressing toward a stable recovery

Since our opening in 2015, BRIGHTSIDE has been the leader in opioid addiction treatment.  We use the latest in Medication-Assisted Treatments (MAT), such as Suboxone and Vivitrol, along with therapy / counseling options.  Since our opening, we have helped over 1,500 people start their road to recovery.

We are seeing great success from our patients.  We believe that to overcome addiction, one needs to continually manage the triggers associated with their past addiction.  Thus, our outpatient programs work with patients over the long term to ensure a positive recovery.  In fact, approximately 87% of patients continue in our program on a month-to-month basis and 98% of them have reported that they are either stable or progressing to a stable recovery.



  • Same Day Appointments
  • Convenient Locations
  • Unlimited Access to Professionals and Staff

A successful treatment program provides patients with access to treatment when they need it.  From the moment they want to start recovery to when they are stable in their recovery, they need the comfort of knowing the program is there for them.

At BRIGHTSIDE, we provide unprecedented access for patients at every step of the way.  We are one of the only clinics that can get you into treatment within the same day.  With our multiple and convenient locations, we are where you are.  When you start treatment, you will have direct access to your doctor, therapist, staff, and peers to help with your sobriety.  This include our own BRIGHTSIDE App, which can alert you to support events in the area, allow you to support fellow patients in their recovery, and directly communicate with your doctor, therapist, and staff.



  • Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) Programs
  • Comfortable environment
  • Friendly and respectful staff

Transitioning from addiction to recovery can be very difficult.  With opioid dependence, the brain chemistry has changed and stopping immediately can cause severe withdrawal and craving symptoms.

At BRIGHTSIDE, we use the latest in medication-assisted treatment to reduce the discomfort and craving.  Once you are ready to reduce your medication, we will work with you to ensure a comfortable transition to being drug free.  In addition, we have designed our clinics to be very comforting, including comfortable treatment rooms, aroma therapy, and our Wall of Hope, where patients can provide comforting words of hope.  Finally, we hand select every doctor and staff member for our clinics.  Every one of them is dedicated to helping people suffering from this disease and cares about every person that enters our facility.



  • "Harm Reduction" Treatment Programs
  • Flexible Programs for Active Individuals
  • Unique treatments for Prescription Opiates, Heroin, and Methadone

BRIGHTSIDE programs are based on a “harm reduction” model.  This means that we do not stop and interrupt treatment if the patient relapses or chooses not to use all of our services.  This disease has been classified as a “chronic relapsing disease” and, if someone should relapse while in our program, we do not remove them from the program, but learn  why the relapse occurred and what treatment options would be suit their needs.  In addition, we will provide someone medication-assisted treatment, even if they do not want to participate in our counseling or SMART Recovery group meeting.  While we see great benefits in therapy and counseling, it may not be appropriate for everyone’s recovery.

We believe that the most important thing for someone in recovery is to move on and regain their life with their job, family, and friends.  Thus, our programs are minimally invasive on your life and change as your life changes.  A typical MAT program with BRIGHTSIDE will be two visits in the first month and one visit a month after that.  If you chose to do therapy and/or counseling with us, they are scheduled based on your availability.  And with our low costs, we have a minimal financial impact compared to your prior send on addictive drugs and medications.

Finally, we have specialized programs for all forms of opioid additions.  Whether you are on prescription opioid, heroin, or you want to switch from Methadone, we have programs fit for you.