PACT Promise

The PACT Promise is much more than a catch phrase, to us it exemplifies our mission and our commitment to you and your recovery. Learn more about how Brightside goes the extra mile for you by exploring the areas below.



  • Our methods of treatment have been proven to work
  • From day one, we lay out a program to get you on the path to recovery
  • Partnerships with other providers to get you a full service treatment

We know that no addiction is the same. Thus from day one, we collaborate with you to design the best program based on your addiction and your life goals. We start by building your program on the following baseline drug addictions/treatments: prescription opiates, heroin, and methadone transition. In addition, we can enhance your treatment for any specialty needs such as pregnancy or pre-surgery situations. Once the baseline and specialty considerations have been established, we integrate any specific goals you might have with treating your addiction such as treating acute, lingering pain, receiving counseling, or treating other drug or alcohol addictions. Brightside has addiction specialist as well as chiropractors and other specialists on staff, but we can also recommend and work with outside partners, if you require someone that is more convenient to your location or are currently working with another provider.



  • Always taking patients
  • Convenient location and office hours to fit your schedule
  • Practice the latest in at-home treatments

Accessibility to treatment comes in three ways at BrightSide. First, we are always taking new patients. Many other providers cannot take new patients due to the government’s limit of only being able to treat up to 100 patients at one time. While we work under the same criteria, we are constantly adding new specialists and doctors to help treat patients. Thus, if you meet our treatment criteria and are dedicated to overcoming your addiction, you will always be welcome to see a doctor at Brightside. Second, BrightSide is and will always open clinics in easily accessible locations across the Chicagoland area. We find this makes it easier for our patients to get in and out fast. Currently, we are located just off the highway on the North Shore where US94 and Highway 41 meet in Northbrook, IL. For directions to our location, please click on this link. Finally, we used the latest in at-home medical treatments. Not everyone can come in on a daily basis for treatment or be able to go away for weeks at a time to an inpatient rehabilitation center. BrightSide uses buprenorphine technology, such as Suboxone and Subutex, which can be self-administered either at home, work, or on the go.



  • Friendly and respectable staff
  • Comfortable environment
  • Treatment to designed reduce the discomfort of transitioning off opiate addiction

One of the hardest aspects of addiction treatment is coping with the withdrawal symptoms as you change your life. Our treatment programs are designed to reduce the discomfort of transitioning through three easy methods. First, we use the latest medical treatments that ease and eliminate the discomfort of opiate withdrawal. We do not practice painful detox programs that make you suffer through long withdrawal cycles. We start our medical treatment at the earliest stages of withdrawal to reduce the discomfort immediately. Second, we are dedicated to making your visit pleasant and informative. From the moment you contact us, you will know we are different. At Brightside, our staff will greet you and treat you with the respect you deserve, while our medical staff will answer any questions that you might have about BrightSide and our programs. Once you step into the Brightside clinic, you will notice something different. We have specially designed our offices to establish an environment that is both calm and convenient. Each of our rooms are designed to meet your various stages of treatment, which are unlike any medical office you have probably been before. In the background, we are using the latest technology and techniques to streamline your visit and allow you to focus more on treatment than waiting in the lobby.



  • Addiction Specialist Medical Directors and a team of doctors certified in opiate addiction treatment
  • Brightside specializes in opiate addiction treatment
  • Unique treatments for Prescription Opiates, Heroin, and Methadone

Brightside is one of the only clinics that specialize specifically in opiate addiction treatment. Other addiction centers that provide multiple addiction treatments tend to treat all addictions in the same manor. At BrightSide, we only use the best technology and treatment modalities to help you overcome your addiction. Our team is the best-of-the-best in medically-treating opiate addiction. Our teams are lead by Medical Directors that are renown in addiction treatment and are supported by a team of doctors trained in compassionate opiate addiction treatment. Our team is also trained in special opiate treatments, such as pregnancy and pre-surgery. In addition, we are continually learning about and evaluating new techniques and technologies that can help you achieve your goals. Whether you are dealing with prescription painkillers, such as Vicodin, OxyContin, or Demerol, heroin, or transitioning off of Methadone, Brightside will design a program for you that meet your short term and long term goals.

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