Methadone Conversion Program

Methadone Conversion Program

Suboxone Doctors Methadone Conversion Treatment

Methadone Treatment

Methadone used to be the “gold standard” for assisting patients in overcoming their opiate addiction. While it is effective in curbing the withdrawal and craving symptoms of opiate discontinuation, it has some serious side effects that can hinder someone from getting on with their life. In addition, transitioning off methadone can be very challenging as it stays in your system for an exceptionally long time, making it difficult to start another treatment right away. Thus, many people have trouble stopping methadone treatment due to long withdrawal periods before starting a better and safer treatment.  We know how to help you comfortably make that transition from Methadone to buprenorphine.


At BRIGHTSIDE, we understand that transitioning off of methadone can be very difficult. We have successfully transitioned people off of methadone onto buprenorphine either with office visits or partnering with inpatient programs in the area. Our unique outpatient program combines ongoing coaching as the patient reduces their daily dose of methadone and starting a buprenorphine based medically-assisted treatment (MAT) program. Contact BRIGHTSIDE for more details.


Suboxone Doctors Methadone Conversion Treatment

Our doctors will initially coach you through your tapering of methadone and then transition you into a buprenorphine medically-assisted treatment (MAT) program with products like Suboxone®, Zubsolv®, Bunavail®, Sublocade®, and Subutex®. The BRIGHTSIDE program follows this protocol:

Our Suboxone doctors will initially coach you through the tapering of your methadone and then transition you into a buprenorphine medically-assisted treatment (MAT) program with products like Suboxone®, Zubsolv®, Bunavail®, and Subutex®. The BRIGHTSIDE program follows this protocol:


To successfully transition to Suboxone, patients need to be at a daily dosage level of between 20 – 40 mg of methadone. If the patient is above this level, we have a couple options of either meeting on a regular basis and coaching the patient as they bring their dosage down to acceptable level, or we have relationships with local methadone detox providers that can closely monitor the patient as they reduce their dosage level.

Once they reach a level below 40 mg of methadone, we start the methadone conversion or transition process from methadone to Suboxone. One week prior to being induced on Suboxone, patients will need to abstain from using methadone. During the consultation visit we will provide mitigating medication for the week to help with the withdrawal symptoms. We typically prescribe a medication call Lucemyra®, which is designed to minimize the withdrawal symptoms as the methadone leaves your system.


At the induction visit, patients meet with a doctor, create an individualized treatment plan, and will be induced on to the appropriate buprenorphine medication.


During the first week on Suboxone, we want to identify the optimal dosage for treatment. Our doctors stay in constant contact through the week, monitoring the transition, and stabilizing the body on the proper dosage. At the end of the stabilization, we finalize the ongoing treatment plan.


Similar to methadone treatment, buprenorphine (Suboxone) MAT can last from six (6) months to a lifetime. At BRIGHTSIDE, we continue to monitor and manage the medication on a monthly basis. During this phase of treatment, we recommend and offer counseling through our BRIGHTSIDE Recovery Program as well as through some of our trusted partners (see below).


When someone is ready to reduce the prescribed medication, we work as a team with therapists and counselors to develop a taper program that will ensure a comfortable, successful completion of your treatment. Our philosophy is to carefully and slowly taper your medication to ensure stability and success.


Counseling In Chicagoland

Transitioning from a life of methadone to Suboxone can be challenging. Since our program is monthly versus daily, patients need to learn how to cope with this new freedom and start treating some of their other mental health illnesses, such as anxiety and depression. BRIGHTSIDE offers structured counseling and psychiatry in conjunction with our MAT program ensuring that you learn how to sustain your sobriety.

These personalized counseling and psychiatry sessions can be scheduled either in conjunction with your MAT visit or separately, based on your schedule.

BRIGHTSIDE Trusted Partnership Program in Chicagoland

Sometimes our patients need a more intense therapy and counseling or detox environment or non-medical treatment solutions. Thus, BRIGHTSIDE has developed unique partnerships with all the major hospitals, recovery centers, and individual counselors in the Chicagoland area. No matter what your situation is, we will find you the best treatment solution for your financial and recovery needs.