Naloxone Program

Naloxone Program

What is Naloxone?

When someone has overdosed on an opiate and stops breathing, there are only a few crucial minutes before the loss of oxygen causes irreversible brain damage, which often results in death. Naloxone is a drug that acts immediately to restore breathing and give you time to get your loved one to a hospital.

Free Naloxone Treatment

If you need Naloxone, contact Brightside Clinic today. We can get you a prescription and train you immediately for free.

Be Prepared to Save a Life

People suffering from addiction live high-risk lifestyles, so we want you to be prepared for life-threatening situations if or when they happen. If you know a friend or family member who is addicted to opiates, you should have some Naloxone on hand.

There isn’t a lot of time to save someone’s life once they have overdosed on heroin or another opiate, so Naloxone could be the difference between their living or dying. Contact us today to get started.

Naloxone Spray and Naloxone Injections

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a medical professional or an emergency responder to administer Naloxone to someone in need. It is prescribed as either an injection or a spray, so it will enter the body and get to work immediately.

Evzio Injections

is a prefilled auto-injection device prescribed to patients with commercial insurance providers. It comes with instructions, so the person using it knows exactly how to deliver the medication.

Narcan Spray

For patients with Medicaid or Medicare insurance, we prescribe a Narcan nasal spray. Narcan is a needle-free device that is simply sprayed into the patient’s nostril.

Take the First Step, Take Naloxone Training

To get started, contact us or one of our dedicated partners below. We can provide you the training you need to identify an opiate overdose and how to administer the medication. Then we will have this lifesaving medication sent to your home the next day. Help us stop opiate overdose deaths and give a second chance to those suffering from this horrible disease.

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Naloxone Prescription Request

If you would like us to train you on using Naloxone and get you a prescription for Naloxone, please contact us today.