BRIGHTSIDE Addiction Treatment Programs

BRIGHTSIDE Addiction Treatment Programs

BRIGHTSIDE Treatment Programs in Northbrook and Tinley Park, IL

BRIGHTSIDE Heroin and Opiate Treatment Programs

Our mission at BRIGHTSIDE is to provide people the best treatment in the most discrete, convenient, and friendly environment. Each recovery plan is designed around your current addiction or alternative treatment, your life goals, and any special needs such as pregnancy, pain management, or pre-surgery requirements. Every plan combines medically-assisted treatment (with medication such as Suboxone®, Zubsolv®, Bunavail®, Subutex®, and Vivitrol®) with our private and group counseling. This combination gets people on the road to recovery quickly and the tools to “manage” your addiction/dependence for the rest of their life.

Heroin Addiction Treatment Program

Being addicted to heroin can be a life consuming addiction. Regardless if you start off being dependent on prescription pain medication or started recreationally, a life revolving around acquiring and using heroin limits you from living a normal and healthy life. Our Heroin Addiction Treatment Program is designed to stop your heroin use on day one and provide lifelong tools and strategies to manage your life in recovery without heroin. Our outpatient program has been proven successful by combining both the latest in medically-assisted treatment and counseling. Click here for more information about our Heroin Addiction Treatment Program.

Opiate Addiction Treatment Program

Sometimes taking opiate pain medication starts with an accident or maybe chronic pain as you age. At some point, the pain goes away, but your body stays dependent on the medication. Our Opiate Addiction Treatment Program works to eliminate your opiate dependence, coach you through recovery, and find treatments that can help with any lingering pain. Our outpatient program starts with stopping the drug use with medically-assisted treatment and then providing counseling to navigate life after opiate dependence. In addition, we teamed up with special partners to help with the residual pain, if needed. Click here for more information about our Opiate Addiction Treatment Program.

Suboxone and Vivitrol Continuation Program

Sometimes life causes you to make a change and finding a doctor to continue your medically-assisted treatment can be very challenging. Whether you are coming out of an inpatient program, you just moved to the Chicago area, or your just want to find a clinic that specializes in your addiction or treatment, we can help you immediately without interruption of your current treatment. If you are coming from an inpatient or residential program, we have a special Inpatient Continuation Program that allows you to split up or pre-pay your first visit at Brightside. This provides the piece of mind that you are guaranteed a spot in our clinic to continue treatment. Click here for more information about our Treatment Continuation Program.

Methadone Conversion Program

For many years, methadone was the only medically-assisted treatment for people suffering from opiate addiction. While it was successful in curbing withdrawal and craving symptoms, it had drawbacks of weight gain, adverse drug interactions, and required a daily visit to the clinic. Now, people have several choices for medically-assisted treatment and, for those that want to switch away from methadone, we are here to help. Through our Methadone Conversion Program, we work closely with the patient to safely reduce their methadone dosage to an acceptable switching level and then induce them on to buprenorphine. This process can be very challenging due to the lasting effects of methadone. Click here for more information about our Methadone Conversion Program.

Adloescent Addiction Recovery Treatment Program

One in 10 children ages 12 – 17 has a substance abuse disorder, with 1.9 million having a an addiction to prescription pain relievers and 586,000 with heroin. Being an adolescent and addicted to opiates is very different than when you are an adult. As an adolescent, you have enormous social pressures from friends and family while your brain has not fully evolved to understand the consequences of your actions. Brightside has developed a unique program that works with both the adolescent and family to build strength and resilience as they transition into recovery. Through one-on-one counseling with the adolescent and family and medically-assisted treatment, we build bonds within the family and stop the adolescent from abusing drugs on the first visit. Click here for more information about our Adolescent Addiction Recovery Treatment Program.