Opioid Addiction Treatment

4 Tips for Easing Pain & Discomfort During Opioid Addiction Treatment

If you’ve committed to drug addiction treatment, you’ve already jumped over a huge hurdle that many struggle with. You’ve just made a positive decision for your future, and you should be proud of yourself. Now, it’s time to prepare for the journey ahead. Thankfully, the caring experts at Brightside Clinic in Northbrook, Illinois, will help you get the vital support you need along your path to opioid addiction recovery.

Recovering from drug addiction requires strength and courage. Due to the powerful physical and mental effects of opiates and heroin, withdrawal is typically accompanied by uncomfortable and even painful symptoms. However, you can persevere.

After committing to make the change, here are some tips for making it through:

  • Be Prepared: Some side effects of heroin or opiate withdrawal are inevitable. Ask your drug addiction treatment center about what to expect throughout the recovery process, so there are no surprises. If you’re prepared for the potential onset of muscle aches, anxiety, and other symptoms, you will be better equipped to handle them.
  • Practice Acceptance: Accepting pain and hardship, while challenging, can actually be liberating. Just remember the pain is only temporary, and you can overcome it; eventually, it’ll all be worth it.
  • Stay Healthy: Your physical health can directly affect your mental health and vice versa. Stay as healthy and well as possible during this time by engaging in light exercise, eating nutritious meals, and spending time with friends and family.
  • Seek Support: No one can manage addiction recovery alone. Obtain the help of loved ones, doctors, counselors, and support groups throughout the process to help ease the burden.

For the opioid addiction treatment and support you need, look no further than Northern Chicago’s best recovery facility near Highland Park. The experienced, caring staff at Brightside Clinic know you can do it, so they will do everything to help you succeed. To start your journey toward health and happiness, call (224) 215-0219; you can also stay up-to-date on social media by liking them on Facebook and following them on Google+ and Twitter.