Month: June 2017

Pregnancy & Opiates

Pregnancy & Opiates: What You Need to Know

Opiate addiction is a serious and widespread disease affecting all kinds of people, even pregnant women. Due to the serious side effects associated with using opiates while pregnant, it’s important to seek help when a mother and baby are at risk. The compassionate team from BRIGHTSIDE Clinic in Northbrook, IL, Tinley Park, IL, and North Aurora, IL explains

Addiction Treatment

How Addiction Treatment Helped Brightside Patient Danielle Davis

About Brightside Patient, Danielle Davis Illinois resident Danielle Davis, 36, started taking Vicodin and Oxycontin for migraines when she was 15 years old as prescribed by her doctor. It wasn’t long before she developed a severe dependence on these substances, and her doctors just “weren’t giving [her] enough anymore,” she said. When she didn’t take them,