Addiction Treatment

How Addiction Treatment Helped Brightside Patient Danielle Davis

About Brightside Patient, Danielle Davis

Illinois resident Danielle Davis, 36, started taking Vicodin and Oxycontin for migraines when she was 15 years old as prescribed by her doctor. It wasn’t long before she developed a severe dependence on these substances, and her doctors just “weren’t giving [her] enough anymore,” she said. When she didn’t take them, she became physically sick. She looked to the streets to obtain the substances, only to find she couldn’t afford them. Instead, she turned to another opiate: heroin.

Her heroin addiction was a long battle, lasting about 10.5 years. Today, she is finally clean. Here’s what Danielle, an addiction treatment patient at Brightside Clinic in Northbrook, IL, had to say about her experience:

“I have now been clean for eight months. I take Suboxone® 8mg twice a day now. I put one underneath my tongue: once in the morning, and then about 12 hours later. What it does for me is it helps to control the cravings that I have…I [also] go to outpatient treatment and see a therapist for issues surrounding my drug abuse. [Suboxone®] helps the physical withdrawals and it also helps just maintain a normal level [of dopamine] that most people are at, that I’m not at right now—because of what all the years of drug abuse have done to my body.”

Danielle is one of many people who did not choose to become addicted to opiates. However, she chose to free herself from her drug dependence. In part, thanks to addiction treatment, she plans to remain clean for a lifetime.

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