Doctor and patient

Brightside expands medication-assisted treatment to include Vivitrol

Medication-assisted treatment is a very effective strategy to aid in recovery from opioid addiction. Brightside has been the leader in providing outpatient treatment for this condition using counseling and medication-assisted treatment with Buprenorphine products, such as Suboxone. It is now expanding its medical treatment options to include Naltrexone injections, known as Vivitrol, to be given at its multiple clinic locations.

What is Vivitrol?

“Vivitrol is an effective treatment for Opioid Use Disorder and we are excited to be able to give patients another option in fighting this disease,” said Dr. David Kushner, medical director of Brightside. “Patients fight an uphill battle to remain sober and a medication which helps control cravings to use drugs again is a powerful tool. Vivitrol is quite effective when given by monthly injection and is an attractive option for patients who do not wish to be reliant on daily medications. More medication options allow patients to have a greater opportunity to decrease the likelihood of relapse and concentrate on recovery and repairing their lives.”

How Vivitrol Works

Vivitrol is an opioid antagonist that attaches to a receptor in the body to help reduce cravings and also blocks the effects of the opioids in the brain. The effects of this non-addictive injection can last about four weeks and are effective when combined with counseling. Brightside has highly trained and compassionate doctors and counselors who have years of experience in this kind of combined treatment and have helped over 700 people start their life in recovery.

Importantly, Brightside believes that the community needs to work together to get this valuable treatment to patients in need.

“We cannot do this alone,” said CEO Phil Atteberry. “While we have methods to get patients on this life-saving medication, we are working with local residential treatment providers, detox facilities, hospitals, drug courts and other inpatient programs to safely detox patients prior to getting patients on this life-saving medication. For the highest success rate in recovery, it is advisable to begin with resident treatment first before starting Vivitrol.”