Can I ever stop taking treatment medication?

Yes of course but it depends upon several factors:
  • Are you dependent or addicted?
  • Which drug were you using?
  • What was the route of administration?
  • How long have you been using?
  • Do you have other issues that are making life difficult that need to be addressed?
Transition off of the medication can take from months to years. Some opiates, such as heroin, can have a lasting negative effect on the chemistry and structure of your brain. A medication taper must be done in a well planned way, in accordance with your desire, need and the recommendation of your doctor. As your brain heals the dosage can be reduced and finally stopped. Some people who may have been using large amounts of illicit drugs for a long time could need to stay on medication for life. Our goal at BRIGHTSIDE is to make sure that we build a program for you that will eliminate your need for addicting opiates and move you toward a drug free life.

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