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The Effects of Drug Dependence on Everyday Life

Addiction can negatively impact your life in a variety of ways. From body chemistry to finances and relationships, the effects are often devastating and widespread. Below, the addiction treatment specialists at Brightside Clinic in Northbrook, Tinley Park, and North Aurora IL, further discuss the impact of addiction on everyday life.

5 Areas of Life Affected by Addiction

1. Health

Long-term addiction can have serious health consequences. Depending on the drug, users may experience skin infections, tooth decay, a weakened immune system, and heart problems, all of which will have a major effect on the quality of life. Diet and physical activities, such as sports and exercise, often fall by the wayside, making it difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle and physique.

2. Finances

Those suffering from addiction often experience financial trouble. As the use of the drug escalates, individuals must spend more money to maintain their habit. Funds that would otherwise go toward rent, the mortgage, groceries, or entertainment are spent obtaining the drug, often leading to excessive debt and poverty.

3. Relationships

Addiction makes it difficult to maintain relationships with friends and family members. As dependence takes hold, these bonds tend to suffer greatly and often deteriorate. While it is possible to create a new social circle while using, more often than not, the addiction serves as the main bond.

4. Employment

Because many employers impose random drug screenings, those struggling with addiction will most likely experience difficulty gaining or retaining employment. The signs and symptoms of addiction and withdrawal can also be hard to conceal, making termination a likely possibility.

5. Psychological Effects

Once an individual is dependent on a drug, they will be unable to function “normally” without it. As cravings for the drug become more intense, the users will often lose their ability to make good decisions. Additional psychological effects may include daily mood swings, depression, hallucinations, violence, and paranoid behavior.

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