Opiate Addiction: The Dandelion Effect

Opiate addiction is an unrelenting disease that starts out by providing pleasure or pain control, but, if abused, can take root and relentlessly eats away at your system. Opiate addiction is a biological and, with some people, psychological addiction. When someone abuses opiate pain killers, such as Vicodin, Demerol, Opana, or Percocet, or Heroin their brain develops unique neuro receptors that crave and need the drug. As abuse continues, their neuro receptors tolerance increases and you need provide more and more of the drug to give the same pleasure effect to the brain. If you stop, reduce, or maintain the same level of the drug, your body will show signs of withdrawal which is extremely painful. Thus, your addiction to opiates can be thought of as a chronic medical problem just as diabetes or ADHD where you need to treat it medically to overcome its effects in your body. Another way to look at it is like a dandelion in your garden.


Think of your body as a beautiful garden. Like your body, a garden has many beautiful things that grow and blossom with proper care and nutrients. Opiate abuse and addiction is like a single dandelion that appears in your garden. It initially provides you pleasure from its beauty, but quickly roots, multiplies, and can eventually kill all the beautiful things in the garden. Removing the dandelion for your garden can be done several ways. One can pull the week, but unless you get the entire weed, it will regrow and continue to harm your garden. Also, dandelions grow underground and can spread without you knowing it. The best treatment for a dandelion is to kill it at the root for good.

Our outpatient approach to treating opiate addiction focuses on eliminating your addiction at the “root” level and medically treating this disease within your “garden”. With our uniquely designed programs of medical treatment and other services, we provide you every tool to eliminate your addiction both chemically and medically. Also, like a garden, we don’t think the best treatment is to dig up your life and remove yourself from the environment that you live in. We are an outpatient clinic that works with you to cope with your daily life while also providing the highest quality of treatment. Just because your body has become addicted to this drug, you don’t have to stop your life to get rid of it.

Your local Brightside clinic is here to get rid of the dandelions in your garden and help you grow beyond your current expectations.