Addiction Recovery

How to Support Someone Going Through Addiction Recovery

Addiction Recovery Support

Addiction affects 23.5 million Americans. Unfortunately, very few people actually seek help for their troubles: Only 11% of those struggling with alcohol or drug dependence ever receive treatment. So if a loved one is currently undergoing addiction recovery, it is important to give them the support they require during this difficult time. Brightside Clinic, a drug treatment center located in Northbrook, Tinley Park, and North Aurora, Illinois, is dedicated to successful addiction recovery. Here, they offer their advice to help you support a loved one who is in recovery.

3 ways You Can Help Support Addiction Recovery Efforts:

1. Listen

When a loved one opens up to you about their drug or alcohol addiction, the most important thing you can do is listen with the intention of understanding. Take your time before you respond, and refrain from telling them what you think they should do. Instead, be compassionate and caring. This will build trust and allow you to have a greater impact in their life, and it will also help the person in addiction recovery feel accepted and cared for.

2. Keep Drugs & Alcohol Away

When someone you love is going through addiction recovery, they need to be in substance-free spaces. Keep drugs and alcohol out of your home, and if you decide to go out together, skip the bars and clubs and try a movie instead. It’s important not to put them in a setting that could result in a relapse.

3. Gently Suggest Addiction Recovery Treatment

While they might be set on getting better on their own, it’s best for your loved one to seek professional addiction recovery services to ensure success. If they’re not receiving treatment, gently suggest considering it. Stay positive, make sure your words express your love for them, and don’t push if they’re initially resistant to the idea. Insisting they seek help may permanently close the door of communication.

Dealing with drug and alcohol addiction is tough. If you know someone who is struggling, remember it is not your job to get them on the right path. However, you can help by showing your love for them. And if they’re ready to enter a program, Brightside Clinic is standing by.

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