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Many people looking for heroin or opiate addiction treatment have trouble making the first step. Maybe its because of their environment, the fear of withdrawal symptoms effecting their daily lives, or they cannot find an accessible, good treatment program. We believe that everyone should have access to good quality treatment that is near by. Join the over 2,000 in the past 5+ years that have already started their road to recovery through our Brightside Clinic

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Our Clinics

BRIGHTSIDE rehabilitation centers have been established to provide highly specialized and effective treatment for opiate addiction and dependence.


We can get people into addiction treatment right away.

Most other programs have a waiting list or can take people months to get in. We typically can get someone into treatment the same day.


We have convenient locations in Chicago to easily access our clinics.

Our locations are strategically placed on highways and in key areas of the city to allow people to easily access our clinics and get out quickly.


We treat drug abuse using medically-assisted treatments with counseling options.

We use medications such as Suboxone ® & Vivitrol ® to help with treatment. These medications can reduce the cravings or inhibit use, respectively. This added feature allows patients to focus more on their recovery and less on the pain and discomfort of withdrawal.


Our programs are outpatient so you don't need to interrupt your life to get treatment.

Our outpatient program does not require people to leave the state or their jobs to get treatment. This is type of program is ideal for people that have a family, job, or are in school.


We have started over 2,000 people on their road to recovery.

We also have about an 89% return rate for our patients from a month to month basis where other programs have about 20 - 30% success rate.


We treat everyone regardless of insurance.

We use all insurances to get the medication covered and labs completed. We do not use insurance for the visits, but if someone has private insurance, they could get reimbursement from their insurance provider. Thus, everyone gets the same level of treatment regardless of insurance.

We are different than most clinics in our approach to this disease.

We treat this addiction as a disease. Some out of state inpatient programs feel treating this disease can be completed in 30 - 60 days. But, when they come back, they have challenges in staying sober with past triggers. Our long term treatment program helps patients not only through the beginning stages of recovery, but ongoing as they meet new challenges in recovery.

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Stop Abusing Opioids. For You. For Family. For Life

At BRIGHTSIDE®, we treat people with both pain medication dependence and heroin addiction through comfortable, convenient, and discrete treatment programs. Whether you are dependent on pain killers, such as Vicodin, OxyContin, Norco, and Fentanyl, or addicted to heroin, our programs are uniquely designed for each patient based on their addiction and lifestyle.

Meagan Brightside Pateint

Meagan (Facebook Review)

My kids have their mom back and I have a life again.

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Danielle Brightside Pateint

Danielle (Yelp Review)

The program is giving me my life back.

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Chris Brightside Pateint


The staff was incredibly helpful and courteous.

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Melissa Brightside Pateint


I never felt rushed like I usually do whenever I talk to doctors or other professionals.

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Jim Brightside Pateint


It was a great experience that helped me get my life back on track.

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Ryan Brightside Pateint


I couldn't be happier with my experience at Brightside.

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Paul Brightside Pateint


Life saving

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Mike Brightside Pateint


Very informative and helpful

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Dominick Brightside Pateint

Dominick (Yelp Review)

I am a patient and proud of it!

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Regina Brightside Pateint


The staff and the doctor actually care about you.

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Help Answers and FAQs

Medically-asssited treatment with counseling has been proven to almost triple the potential success of sobriety versus counseling alone. At BRIGHTSIDE, we offer counseling, group therapy and medically-assisted treatment for all patients. Patients have the option to take advantage of all of our services or just medically-assisted treatment. Many of our patients have been successful with only medically-assisted treatment, but if you feel you need more, we are here to help you..

This will all depend on your treatment program. Typically, patients start with two visits in the first month and then move to once a month for the rest of the treatment. If you leave the program and need to be re-induced, then more visits will be needed to get you back on track. If you need or want counseling, you can meet with our counselors during your monthly visits or arrange to have it at a time more convenient to your schedule.

Yes! In many cases, you can stop the medical treatment of the program. It will all depend on what opiate you were addicted to prior to coming to BRIGHTSIDE. But, understand that transitioning off the medication may take up to several months or even years. Some opiates, such as heroin, can have a lasting effect on the brain. To properly reduce the amount of medication during treatment, we will need to very slowly change the brain away from needing the external opiate. If too much is removed, withdrawal symptoms could return. Our goal at BRIGHTSIDE is to make sure that we build a program for you that will eliminate your need for addicting opiates and move you toward a drug free life.

There a couple different approaches to treatment. The following information is for information purposes only and is not meant to endorse any specific treatment option. People can chose a couple different options when looking for treatment. Here is quick reference on the different options for treatment.


Yes. Just like any disease, there are different ways to manage them. Opiate addiction not only can cause psychological addiction, but chemically rewires the brain to crave the euphoria associated with opiates. If not treated medically, people suffering from opiate addiction will go through excruciating pain when trying to quit. Thus, a very high percentage of patients will relapse when trying to do therapy alone. With medically-assisted treatment and counseling, patients have an extremely higher rate of success because they are able to suppress the withdrawal symptoms and work with counselors to get their life style back on track.

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