Drug Dependence: 4 Signs a Loved One Might Have a Problem

Many individuals try to hide their drug dependence, but it eventually impacts their lives and those of everyone they love. The addiction specialists at Brightside Clinic know several ways to tell if a friend or family member is abusing heroin or additional opiates. With locations in Northbrook, Tinley Park, and North Aurora, Illinois, their knowledge comes from experience providing people throughout the area with drug addiction treatment for heroin and opiate withdrawal.

Four Common Signs That Someone You Know Needs Help

1. Severe Mood Changes

Changes in personality are often a side effect of drug dependence. Often, even-keeled people exhibit extreme mood changes, from severe anxiety to euphoria and depression. Because opiates affect brain function, psychosis is also a symptom.

2. Deceptive Behavior

Has your once-open friend or family member suddenly become distant? Do they dodge certain topics or meet questions with vague answers? If so, drug dependence is often to blame. In an attempt to hide drug use, many people often lie about activities, whereabouts, and additional information.

3. Change in Appearance

Heroin is one opiate that slowly eats away at every part of the body. Because of this, it is harder for users to hide physical changes. Extreme weight loss, excessive sweating, and blisters from uncontrollable scratching are all common symptoms.

4. Paraphernalia 

If you live with someone suffering from addiction, check your home for paraphernalia. Although most people keep drugs in hiding places, you might find discarded needles and old pill bottles in trash bins.

Don’t let someone you love suffer through the pain of addiction. For help in Highland Park, Lake County, Chicago, and the surrounding areas, call the Northbrook facility for assistance.

For help in the Southwestern suburbs, including Will and southern Cook County, call the Tinley Park addiction recovery facility.

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