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Suboxone Doctors Bloomingdale IL

Do you have an addiction to pain medication or heroin? If so, come see our Suboxone doctors in Bloomingdale, IL. At Brightside Clinic, we prescribe Suboxone and Vivitrol because we believe in evidence-based opioid treatment. While we do not discourage people from receiving treatment at an inpatient drug rehabilitation center, we must encourage people opioid addictions to consider all options. Today, Brightside Clinic Suboxone doctors make it easier than ever for people to get the treatment that they need.

Is Suboxone Good or Bad?

As with anything, Suboxone can be and has been misused by many people. When this medication is abused, it can be very detrimental to your well-being. However, when Suboxone is prescribed and taken properly, it can change your life! Suboxone helps people with opioid addictions to get off of the drugs that they have become dependent on and away from the behaviors and bad habits that they have developed with obtaining and abusing their drugs of choice.

Is Suboxone good or bad? It depends on how it is used. At Brightside Clinic, we employ the best Suboxone doctors in Bloomingdale, IL, and we treat the whole person, not just one part of the problem.

How Addiction to Opioids Usually Happens

Every day, more and more Americans are becoming dependent on pain medication. Usually, what happens is that someone will get surgery, and after they recover, they are then given pain medications. These include medications such as Perkisets, Oxycontin, Vicodin, morphine, and other medications. After taking these medications over a period of time, people often become dependent upon them just to function and feel normal.

With a physical addiction, the body gets used to the medication, and a person's tolerance will go up. Stopping these medications cold turkey once an addiction has been developed, the body goes into withdrawal. Withdrawal from opiate medications can be quite painful and difficult to go through.

The Need for Suboxone Doctors in Bloomingdale, IL

For many people, they can no longer obtain the pain medication that they have become dependent on from their doctors. Then, the person runs out of their supply, and they start to have withdrawal. The withdrawal is so painful that the person doesn't know what to do, and he or she ends up getting the pain medication illegally from a friend, a street dealer, someone at work, or whoever has them and will sell them to them.

Buying pain medicine without a prescription from a licensed doctor is illegal. This puts the person who is buying the pain pills at risk of legal trouble. The person might also wind up in very bad situations with bad people. Physically, the opiate dependency can take a toll on your body, causing irreversible harm to your liver, other vital organs, and even your teeth. Also, the cycle of taking opiates and going through withdrawal causes people to be sick and miss a lot of work. It's not uncommon for people with opiate addictions to downward spiral, losing their jobs, losing their dignity, losing their health, and even losing their sanity in the process.

Suboxone Doctors Bloomingdale IL

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