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What's the best approach to treating opioid addiction? Some people would say that inpatient drug rehabilitation is the best method of treatment for opioid addiction. Others would insist that natural remedies and individual therapy can help a person to overcome any addiction. Still, others would tell you that God is all you need. What's the point?

A lot of people would give a lot of different answers to the question, What's the best approach to treating opioid addiction? However, the one thing that nobody can deny is that all of the methods of treating opioid addiction stated above have failed dismally! In the same vein; very few people believe that it makes sense to treat opioid addiction by giving the addicted person new drugs! Yet, there is a large amount of scientific research that shows us just that!

We Use Evidence-Based Treatment for Heroin Addiction

Brightside Clinic takes a different approach to treatment at our opioid addiction clinic in Northbrook, IL. Of course, we don't take a different approach solely for the sake of being a contrarian. We call our approach to opioid addiction treatment, "evidence-based opioid addiction treatment" because evidence shows that our way works. Evidence-based treatment for opioid addiction includes medications like Vivitrol, Suboxone, and other drugs. This is the best way to get people off of heroin!

The problems with opioid addiction are numerous. For example, there are the physical consequences of prolonged opioid abuse, such as the inevitable liver and even teeth damage that result from it. Then, there are psychological and emotional scars that come from opioid dependency and the high-risk behaviors that most opioid addicts engage in to satisfy their cravings.

How Does Evidence-Based Treatment Work?

Most people become addicted to opioids following a car accident, personal injury incident, medical surgery, or other instances when prescription pain pills are prescribed to them. After being exposed to these medications, many people will form dependencies or addictions. Eventually, the doctor will stop prescribing the medication, and the person has to go to street dealers to find what they need. This also places the individual in danger of criminal prosecution.

It's not uncommon for a person who is addicted to opioids to lose everything - family, house, car, job, health, etc. By prescribing medication like Suboxone and Methodone, you could say that we are merely replacing one addiction with another, but such an assertion would not be accurate. Our evidence-based opioid addiction treatments help people to stop engaging in the high-risk behaviors that they once had to do to get their drugs. It is not a cure-all or a long-term solution. Rather, evidence-based treatments are meant to help people get their lives back together in the short-term.

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Although it may seem counter-intuitive to some, Brightside Clinic is the leading clinic for opioid addiction treatment in Northbrook, IL because of our evidence-based treatments. Yes, Suboxone, Vivitrol, and Methodone really do work! Recovery is a step-by-step process, not an overnight fix. Following detox, comes rehab. Then, comes Brightside Clinic and other layers of ongoing patient treatment.


Opioid Addiction Clinic Northbrook IL

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