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Heroin Addiction Treatment Northbrook IL

If you are someone with heroin addiction, or if you have a loved one who is addicted to heroin, it is easy to become hopeless and disparaged. However, with the right attitude and the right kind of heroin addiction treatment, this disease can be defeated! There are a variety of heroin addiction treatment options available to individuals with heroin use disorder, but not all treatments are created equally! Brightside Clinic uses the best heroin addiction treatments, which are those that use a combination of both behavioral and pharmacological treatments. This is our approach to heroin addiction treatment in Northbrook, IL.

Integrated treatments are holistic in nature. Just like you can't put a band-aid on an amputated limb, you cannot treat substance abuse without treating the mind, body, and soul! A holistic approach includes pharmacological treatment, therapy treatment, and other forms of treatment that are scientific and evidence-based. Integrated heroin addiction treatments have been shown to increase drug treatment program retention and, most importantly, to decrease drug use, HIV transmission, and criminal behavior.

Getting Treatment for Heroin is a Race Against the Clock

If you or someone you love has an addiction to heroin, you probably don't need to be informed of the risks that come with this disease. An elevated risk of HIV contraction, criminal behavior, and self-destructive behavior are all real risks that heroin users expose themselves to every time they obtain and use their drug of choice. Individuals who have never suffered through a heroin addiction can only imagine the emotional, psychological, and self-esteem toll that this disease takes on its victims! It is a race against the clock to get treatment, but the right kind of treatment must be obtained.

A heroin addiction treatment clinic in Northbrook, IL, like Brightside Clinic, can help a person who is addicted to heroin to put down the substance and start taking care of themselves again. That's what Suboxone and other prescription medications that we provide are all about. They are not a magic pill, but they help people who are addicted to heroin to function and live without the drug. This can get people off of the streets, get people into treatment, and help people start to put the pieces of their lives back together again!

How Can Medication Help During Heroin Detox?

Pain, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting go hand-in-hand with heroin detox. Not fun! These painful and uncomfortable symptoms cause many would-be heroin quitters to relapse because only the heroin can alleviate the discomfort that they withdrawal causes. Indeed, withdrawal from heroin is very difficult and painful, and this is one of the main reasons why people who are addicted to heroin relapse more often than not. Medications can help a person to minimize or avoid the symptoms of withdrawal altogether.

At Brightside Clinic, we care about people. We want to give our patients the best possible opportunity to break free from heroin addiction once and for all. The medications that we prescribe to treat heroin use disorder are developed to work through the same opioid receptors as heroin, suppressing the urge and the need to use heroin.

Heroin Addiction Treatment Northbrook IL

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