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Brightside Clinic Discusses Heroin Addiction & Lali’s Law

Drug addiction is a growing epidemic in the United States. Every day, the families and loved ones of those in treatment for heroin addiction fear that they may lose a parent, sibling, child, or friend to an accidental overdose.  A new law, however, offers hope for patients seeking addiction treatment, as well as their families. The law, known as Lali’s Law, is part of the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act and will allow for the opiate overdose reversal drug, naloxone, to be available nationwide without a prescription.

In this Daily Herald article, Brightside Clinic discusses the importance of making naloxone available without a prescription. He also addresses which stage in drug addiction treatment the medication is most necessary:

Former drug users might need naloxone the most right when they leave rehab or jail. That’s because overdose risk is highest after a period of abstinence. Taking the same amount of drugs will produce a stronger effect when the body’s tolerance has been reduced.

Heroin addiction can be notoriously difficult to beat, but as Dr. Oyasu notes, Lali’s Law is about giving patients in recovery the opportunity to continue trying, even after a relapse. Dr. Oyasu and Brightside Clinic have been a haven for Illinois residents seeking treatment for opiate addictions. Their combination of medically-assisted treatment and supportive counseling is helping patients like Danielle D. get their lives back:

Before I called Brightside, I was at a point in my life where I could not get past three days clean from heroin. I would get so sick and the cravings were so intensely high that I would go back and use within the third day. I was so tired of wanting to stop but my body wouldn’t let me. Now I can happily say that I am 45 days clean. The Brightside team: Phil, John, Brianna, and Dr. Burton, have done everything to help empower me so that I can now live a fulfilled life.

-Danielle D.

While Lali’s Law can provide a second chance at life after someone has overdosed, the Brightside Clinic can help those suffering from opiate and heroin addiction get control over their lives before they go too far. If you or someone you know is battling addiction in Chicago, Lake County, or Highland Park, visit the website or call (224) 205-7866.