3 Reasons to Support Opiate Addiction Treatment

Treating people suffering from opiate addiction is beneficial not only for the individual but also for our community as a whole. Brightside Clinic in Northbrook, IL, knows exactly how drug, opiate, or heroin addiction can impact individuals and their loved ones. These drug dependence experts are devoted to offering caring treatment to help people get back on their feet. Rather than simply punishing or incarcerating individuals suffering from addiction, they believe in comprehensive drug addiction treatment.

Read on to learn how opiate addiction treatment can benefit individuals, their loved ones, and the community as a whole:

Save Money: Time and time again, studies have shown that incarceration costs taxpayers a lot of money. Investing in treatment can save society billions of dollars every year. Research shows that if merely 40% of eligible offenders were to receive appropriate addiction treatment, about $13 billion could be could be saved. Simply locking these individuals up without addressing the disease of addiction costs everyone in the long run.

Improve Society: People who are dealing with an opiate addiction are dealing with an illness, plain and simple. Incarcerating these individuals and then sending them back into society without treatment is a surefire recipe for failure. By supporting drug treatment programs, it’s possible to create brighter futures for these people, as well as the societies they return to.

Decrease Crime: Opiate addiction is often linked to crimes, from dealing drugs and committing serious offenses to buying them. Again, simply locking people up and sending them back into the community rarely helps. By targeting the root of the problem, which is opiate addiction itself, crime can be prevented.

A look at the reasons above leaves no doubt as to the importance of supporting opiate addiction treatment. Brightside Clinic offers comprehensive treatment for individuals dealing with these drug addictions.

If you or someone you love is in need of drug addiction treatment near Elgin, St. Charles or Des Plaines, Illinois, speak with a member of the Brightside Clinic team about your options.