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Brightside Clinic on Dealing With the Stigma of Drug Dependence

Recovering from drug dependence is incredibly stressful, not only because of the mental and physical effort involved in breaking the cycle of addiction, but also because of the stigma that surrounds drug use. Many recovering addicts find themselves labeled as “bad” people by others and struggle to find jobs that accept their history. The team at  Brightside Clinic in Northbrook, IL, knows drug dependence is a disease and offers addiction treatments that can help.

They know how limiting the stigma surrounding addiction can be and focus on giving the support necessary to help their patients get through each step of addiction treatment.

The medical professionals at Brightside Clinic want to offer a few tips to recovering addicts and their loved ones to help them beat that stigma:

  • Encourage Addiction Treatment Programs: Talk with your employer about providing a work-sponsored addiction treatment program for your coworkers. During the discussion, be sure to emphasize that drug addiction is a disease that should be covered by insurance the same way care for cancer is.
  • Fight Against Legal Barriers: Many employers have legal barriers in place to weed out anyone who has battled drug dependence. They often refuse to hire anyone in addiction recovery, opting for candidates who have never struggled with this issue. If you’re a business owner, remove these specifications from your applications and provide fair opportunities for those who are rebuilding their lives.
  • Advocate: In daily conversation, make sure you advocate and show empathy for those who suffer from drug addiction. Try to do your part to eliminate the shame that often stands between people in addiction recovery and an open discussion about these issues.

Don’t fall prey to the negative stereotypes and stigma surrounding alcohol and drug dependence. Put a new spin on the conversation and bring to light the facts and prejudice surrounding it. For more information on addiction recovery, visit the Brightside Clinic website or call us today at (224) 205-7866.