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Is SUBOXONE® Addictive?

When actively recovering from drug addiction, it’s understandable to worry about being prescribed medicine for your addiction treatment, such as SUBOXONE®. In fact, the number one question Brightside Clinic in Northbrook and Tinley Park, IL, gets from their patients is whether or not SUBOXONE is addictive.

The short answer is no. SUBOXONE simultaneously eliminates withdrawal symptoms and blocks the effects of opioids. Brightside Clinic specifically uses this product in their treatments to help make the detox transition as smooth as possible and takes steps toward a healthier body and mind overall.

What Are the Effects of SUBOXONE?

While SUBOXONE has buprenorphine (a narcotic) as an active ingredient, the addiction treatment process does not have the same effects as heroin or other opiates. Because it is a partial agonist, there is no high as there is with full agonist opioids, when used as directed. Buprenorphine helps individuals slowly wean off opiate addiction by attaching to the receptors and putting them to sleep with little to no stimulation. This helps make the opiate withdrawal process easier. Over time, the dosage can be decreased as the brain heals by eliminating unneeded receptors. An increased dosage of SUBOXONE doesn’t increase the effects of buprenorphine, making it very difficult to misuse the medicine.

Since recovering from drug addiction is not an overnight process, dependency is often the first step for patients to acknowledge and learn to live with without compromising their health. Prescribing SUBOXONE as part of an addiction treatment allows a patient to live with the physical dependence to opioids rather than having their opioid addiction take over their ability to function.

Seeking Help for Opiate Addiction

If you or a loved one is suffering from opioid addiction, BRIGHTSIDE Clinic is ready to help with the recovery process every step of the way with medically-assisted treatment and counseling. Their individualized addiction treatment takes into account one’s health, medical history, and even their location to determine the best course of action for each patient.

BRIGHTSIDE Addiction Recovery Programs Available:

— Adolescent Recovery
Heroin Addiction
— Opiate Addiction
Methadone Conversion
Suboxone & Vivitrol Continuation Treatment
Free Naloxone

BRIGHTSIDE Clinic makes it their mission to provide accessible treatment that’s inclusive to anyone who wants to overcome their addiction. For more information, call the Northbrook location at (224) 205-7866, the Tinley Park location at (708) 292-0044, or the North Aurora location at (630-405-5899).