3 Pros of Turning to an Outpatient Treatment for Drug Dependence

Mistakenly, most people believe the only way to sobriety for those suffering from drug dependence is intensive inpatient programs. Actually, there are many other addiction treatment options available, including outpatient treatment, and according to Brightside Clinic in Northbrook and Tinley Park, IL, many times, these are a much better solution to addiction.

If you or someone you know is suffering from drug dependence, here are a few ways they might benefit from outpatient addiction treatment:

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    Reduction in Life Interruptions:
    Not everyone has the means to take extended leave from their job, children, and daily life to seek inpatient treatment. Fortunately, many addiction recovery centers offer treatment programs with sessions that take place in the evenings and on the weekends. This allows more individuals to seek help without upturning their whole lives. It also removes the process of having the person make their life fit into their newfound sobriety, as the two will already be intertwined.

  • Network of Supportive Family & Friends:
    Getting sober is hard, and while your inpatient team and other patients can offer some support, they are no match for your family and friends. Being surrounded by supportive family members can be incredibly helpful when someone with a drug dependence is having a tough day.
  • Private Recovery: Many individuals fear what will happen to them in their public lives when others learn they have entered an addiction recovery program. Since outpatient programs do not require people to remain at the facility, it is much easier for the individual to continue their normal life and keep their recovery as private as possible.

If you would like to learn more about outpatient programs for those living with drug dependence, contact Brightside Clinic today. Since opening in 2015, they have helped over 200 people a month recover from opioid addiction. Reserve an appointment today in Northbrook by calling (224) 205-7866 or in Tinley Park by calling (708) 292-0044. Visit their website for more information about their programs.