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Staying Clean: Advice for Drug Addiction Treatment & Beyond

After completing drug addiction treatment, you have a lot to be proud about. Thanks to your strength and determination, you made it through the grueling process of overcoming addiction. While you should feel accomplished for your tremendous work, it’s important to keep in mind that this journey isn’t over yet. Today, the caring professionals from Brightside Clinic in Northbrook, and Tinley Park, IL, will give you the advice you need for staying clean after drug addiction treatment.

Addiction recovery is a multi-step process, and many survivors will tell you treatment is only the beginning. Now, it’s your job to prove your strength once again. If you want to maintain the quality of life you deserve, it’s time to be as proactive as possible. If you went to support groups or recovery meetings during treatment, don’t stop now. If you never went to meetings, forming a community is now more important than ever.

By joining a support group, such as Brightside’s weekly SMART support group, you can help hold each other accountable, as well as develop friendships with like-minded people who truly understand you. It’s easy to put off taking this initiative, which is why it’s so important to make a move the very first day out of drug addiction treatment.

Naturally, you want to celebrate your success, and you can, but first, you need to commit to maintaining your health. Hold yourself accountable, and invite others to help you too. In turn, you can support them; this way, everyone wins.

If you’re struggling with drug dependence or addiction recovery, it’s time to receive the help you need. To build and maintain the happy, healthy life you deserve, contact the compassionate team from Brightside Clinic. For more information, call today at (224) 205-7866 in Northbrook or (708) 292-0044 in Tinley Park. You can also visit the team online or on the Facebook page.