Patient that received heroin addiction treatment in Northbrook, IL

Buprenorphine Continuation Treatment

Suboxone Treatment Options near Waukegan & Joliet

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Patient that received Suboxone treatment in Waukegan, IL

Congratulation on overcoming your opiate addiction.  But, as you know, the road to recovery has its bumps in the road.  So, if you answer yes to any of the following challenges in your treatment, we can help:

Our programs combine the latest in medically-assisted technology and counseling options.  Our Buprenorphine medically-assisted treatment includes Suboxone®, Zubsolv®, Bunavail®or Subutex®.

If you are currently associated with an inpatient program, please inquire about our INPATIENT CONTINUATION PROGRAM.  Details about our program are at the bottom of this page.


Our Buprenorphine Continuation Treatment Program, with products like Suboxone®, Zubsolv®, Bunavail®and Subutex®, is managed by the following protocol:


Our initial visit is to confirm your current treatment and continue your treatment program with our team.  At the first visit, patients meet one of our doctors, complete necessary paperwork, and line up any counseling you might need.  If your medication needs a pre-authorization, our staff works with your insurance to transfer and continue your prescription with us.  A week after your first visit, you will need to return back to our office for a medical compliance test, but not a visit with the doctor.


Our continuation programs can last from six (6) months to a lifetime depending on your prior dependence and long term goals.  At BRIGHTSIDE, we continue to monitor and manage the medication on a monthly basis.  During this phase of treatment, we recommend and offer counseling, such as our BRIGHTSIDE Recovery Program or programs through our partners that offer intensive outpatient programs (IOP), group therapy, or residential/inpatient care.


When someone is ready to reduce the prescribed medication, we work as a team with counselors and partners to develop a tapering program that will ensure a successful completion of treatment.  Our philosophy is to carefully and slowly taper your medication to ensure success.



Medically-assisted treatment with Buprenorphine combined with counseling is proven to be more effective than counseling alone.  But, many people have trouble getting this treatment upon leaving an inpatient or residential program.  Federal certifications and regulations limit the number of doctors that can provide this treatment and the number of patients a doctor can treat, respectively.  In addition, funds can be tight after leaving an inpatient/residential program to continue treatment.  Thus, many people start this type of treatment only to have trouble continuing it after they leave.

This puts patients at risk of relapse and potentially life threatening overdose.

BRIGHTSIDE established this life-saving continuation program that guarantees continued medical treatment with buprenorphine after leaving your inpatient/residential program.

By joining this program and providing a pre-payment before your first visit, we will:

 No one should be without this type of treatment and we want to make sure you have the greatest opportunity to maintain your sobriety.